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Dixon Middle School
Opened School Year 2017-2018
New School Construction Projects
Military Impacts Schools
Large Number of Student Transfers
High Rate of Teacher Turnover
Enhancement Classes
Music, Arts, and Physical Ed are Essential!
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Onslow County Schools contend with some of the same issues that schools across the state and country face.
Here are a few of the issues we face locally in education.


Class Size Reductions

The State Legislature has been funding lower class sizes since 2014, but school districts have been getting waivers on class sizes. In 2017, the Legislature enacted legislation to bring school districts into compliance with the funding levels they have provided.

School Overcrowding

Onslow County Schools has a sustained growth rate of about 300 students a year and we do not have enough classroom spaces. The school district has implemented school redistricting to alleviate overcrowding, but the long term solution is additional school construction.

Aging Schools and Facilities

Many of Onslow County Schools were built several years ago and were not designed for today's technology and are not energy efficient.The school district has built a new Dixon Middle School and is in the process of completing Richlands Elementary School. However, the district still has an immediate need for two to three new elementary schools just to keep pace with student growth.

Temporary Mobile Classrooms

Onslow County Schools has over 200 temporary mobile classrooms in use at campuses thoughout the county. Mobile classrooms are not as conducive for learning as traditional classrooms and are more difficult to secure. The district may have to add an additonal fourteen mobile classrooms to comply with the class size reductions.

Military Impacted Schools

We have a large percentage of students who are connected to the military and a large turnover of these students. A number of our teachers are also related to military members and this results in a constant search for new teachers.

Low Performing Schools

Onslow County Schools include some low performing schools impacted by the social economic environment where the students live. School districts struggle with the formula that is used to rate schools and the excessive testing done each year.

Career Technical Education

Onslow County Schools have fallen behind in providing technical education courses at all their high schools. The construction and automotive industries have a huge demand for students graduating with the skills needed to get employed. Onslow Schools has partnered with Duplin and Jones Counties to provide technical education training at a 55,000 square foot Southeast Tehnical Career Center in Burton Park. Unfortunately, construction delays will prevent the building from being completed until 2019.

Finance and Budget

The school system budget system is complicated, convoluted, and involves multiple funding sources. The local expense budget from the County Commissioners is the least complicated source of funds and relys on a formula based upon the number of students in the school system multiplied by the state average per pupil funding. The state funding system is cumbersome and overly complicated.

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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

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Support Bob's Re-election to the School Board!

Bob has the experience, education, and wisdom to lead the Onslow School Board!

Bob Williams has served on the Onslow County School Board since he was elected in May 2014. Bob Williams has worked hard to bring transparency to the school district operations and financial management. Bob’s accomplishments include changes to board policies that provide citizens with greater access to school board documents and items at regular and special board meetings. Bob’s oversight of the school district also includes the construction of a middle school, elementary school, and a regional skills center. For more information about Bob, select the "Meet Bob" button.

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Education has always been a controversial topic!

Here are a few quotes from people on education.

Quote from Mark Twain

 In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.

image01Mark Twain | American Writer - 1835-1910

Quote from Benjamin Franklin

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

image01Benjamin Franklin | Founding Father - 1706-1790

Quote from Robert Frost

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.

image01Robert Frost | American Poet - 1874-1963

Quote from Ronald Reagan

My message to parents is simply this: Your school system exists to serve you; keep getting involved. The more parents get involved with their children's schooling and education, the better it will be and the brighter the future of our country will be.

image01Ronald Reagan | President of the United States - 1911-2004